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  • One of the prestige winners of Singapore Women's Weekly Best in Beauty Spa Award, Aegean Spa takes an approach to cater to today's sophisticated spa goers with the most pampering experience for your body, mind & soul.

    Aegean Spa is the official Beauty & Wellness Spa Choice for Miss Singapore International World 2012.  Among top spas in the world, we are proud to be the COUNTRY winner of the prestigious 2013 World Luxury Spa Awards.

    6 EU TONG SEN STREET #03-78 & #04-75, THE CENTRAL SINGAPORE 059817

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Singapore Women's Weekly Awards Celebration Duo Pack
U.P. S$213
1st Trial S$138

Aegean Spa is celebrating the winning of two Singapore Women's Weekly Magazine Spa Awards for Best Swedish Massage & Best Moisture-Fix Facial. Come and enjoy these two award-winning treatments. This is an excellent gift for any occassions!

Massage For Two (1 hour / 1½ hours)
U.P. S$165 / S$235
1st trial S$130 / S$195

Two people, two therapists, two tables and one private room. Enjoy this special treat with your best friend or a family member. This is one of the most popular day packages at our spa. It's a "must try" for couples!

Scen Tao Hot Stone Day Package (75 mins)
U.P. S$160
1st Trial $88

Babor Germany Scen Tao is a unique wellness treatment based on a holistic approach. The focus is on the relaxation of your body, mind and soul and the enhancement of the body's energy flow. With heat-retaining lava stones, you will enjoy one of the best hot stone massage coupled with top quality Ginseng Scen Tao massage oil.  Best energising massage nominated by Singapore Women's Weekly Magazine.

Happy Hour Retreat Day Package (2 hours)
U.P. S$220
1st Trial S$128

It's time to treat yourself a heavenly 2-hour spa treatment. This package includes a Babor soothing rose petal milk bath, a body scrub or a body wrap and a 60-minute full body massage of your choice. Nominated the #1 most favourite treatment by our clients. **An excellent gift for someone very special!**

Massage Value Pack (1 hours 30 mins)
U.P. S$148
1st Trial S$88

ENJOY one of our signature 60-minute massages and get a free body scrub or body wrap. This is a great way to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul!

3 Best Friends (1 or 2 hours)
S$210 / S$360 for 3 persons

Share this delightful experience! Bring two best friends with you and you can have a private spa experience at our spa boutique catered by our friendly certified therapists. Please book the appointment at least 1 day before the event.

Sport Massage (1 hour / 1½ hours)
U.P. $125 / $180
1st trial $78 / $108

Sports massage emphasizes prevention and healing of injuries to the muscles and tendons.But you don't have to be in the Olympics to benefit from sports massage. Sports massage is also good for people with injuries, chronic pain or restricted range of motion. The massage therapist generally concentrates on a specific problem area. (Sore neck and shoulders,back, etc.) 


2-in-1 Illuminating + Firming STEMCELL Facial (90 minutes) New!
U.P. S$238
1st Trial $98

This STEMCELL facial best for dry, tired and mature skin type and gives you triple power on radiance, firming and a naturally lighten on dark complexion / spots with PH friendly ingredients. Perfection Peptides reaches deep into 2nd layers of epidermis accelerates natural exfoliation & repair aging skin cells for optimal DNA protection. Organic silica firms & supports skin tissue structure against sagging! Must try!

BABOR Anti-Acne Pure and Clear Stemcell Facial (60 minutes)
U.P. S$88
1st Trial S$68

This facial treatment is the effective way to relieve pimples blemished skin and help to feel clear, pure & soft. Innovative combinations of active ingredients are produced with the aid of biotechnology and help to regulate the skin’s pH and inhibit the growth of bacteria

Anti-Oxidant Pomegranate Triple Moisture Hydration STEMCELL Facial (75 minutes)
U.P. S$148
1st Trial S$88

WINNER OF BEST MOISTURE-FIX FACIAL BY SINGAPORE WOMEN'S WEEKLY MAGAZINE! This hydration STEMCELL treatment quenches your skin's thirst and binds moisture. A triple hydropower facial with Mexican cactus and anti-oxidant-rich pomegranate extracts to replenish the skin's reservoirs. Hyaluronic acid binds the moisture, leaving your skin feeling silky soft and smooth with long-lasting effects. Suitable for all skin types, especially summer-lovers.

Babor Absolutely ORGANIC and Purity Facial (90 minutes)
U.P. S$238
1st Trial S$98

PURE, CLEAN AND ABSOLUTELY ORGANIC! The BABOR research laboratories have developed an extraordinary product line BABORGANIC to meet all expectations of an superb organic requirements.  This exceptional organic line draws its anti-aging power from pure and clean organic ingredients from the Swiss mountains to refresh, vitalise, and energise skin cell regeneration for a youthful healthy complexion with toned after feel. The organic facial is for all skintypes in particular suitable for very sensitive skin.  Recommend for organic lovers as well as beginners who would like to explore more about organic lifestyle!

Biomatrix Collagen Anti-Ageing Intensive Facial Treatment (90 minutes)
U.P. S$218
1st Trial S$98

#1 ANTI-AGING AWARD WINNING FACIAL TREATMENT! This Babor facial creates a firm, regular collagen structure, giving your skin a visibly firmer and smooth appearance. Marine collagen from "Tripeptide" (amino acid chains) stimulates and creates a firm collagen structure under the dermis to firm the skin instantly. Arabic gum tree extract and aloe vera supplies moisture and soothes skin.