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BABOR is a pioneer in professional skincare.

BABOR put its expertise into practice to translate the secrets of the finest, most natural active ingredients into luxury skincare that offers the greatest efficacy and compatibility. For 65 years the result has been individual skincare ranges "Made in Germany".  Since the very beginning, BABOR products have set our standard by achieving a lasting, healthy skin tone and the satisfaction of our customers. We work together with beauty professionals to create the ideal conditions for fulfilling this standard by combining perfect beauty with unlimited satisfaction. The BABOR brand's recipe for success, the foundation for which was laid back in 1956 by Dr Michael Babor with the legendary Hy-Öl®, continues to be based on decisive factors.  With a long history, BABOR products continue to exceed beauty boundaries and innovation and has won many International patents and awards for beauty care in ALL skin types.

Our claim: Natural ingredients for the greatest efficacy and compatibility

At BABOR, research means exceeding our own limitations, consistently thinking outside the box, and always being open to the undiscovered. Our extensive research and development work focuses on resolving beauty concerns and on the preservation of natural beauty.  We look for targeted solutions to concrete skin problems and beauty requirements. Interdisciplinary teams of scientists comprising dermatologists, geneticists, biochemists, molecular biologists, physicians and diabetologists work in tandem with renowned universities and other leading research institutes to continuously produce groundbreaking innovations, made in Germany.

AEGEAN SPA – An BABOR Institute since 2008 - won 1st Beauty Award for BABOR Singapore in 2009

Aegean Spa has been a BABOR Institute since 2008 and also is the first spa that won the ANTI-OXIDANT TRIPLE HYDRATION MOISTURE FACIAL as the BEST MOISTURE-FIX FACIAL in Singapore.  Since then, Aegean Spa continues its beauty journey with the support of BABOR and won many awards in Asia Pacific as one of the Best Beauty Spa!  We are specializing in most skin types but most evidently the Acne skin, combination skin, dry skin and sensitive skin.  Our DR. BABOR / HSR lifting facial is the All-Time-Favorites for men and women over 40s.

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