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Aegean Spa's full body massage brings wellness to life! Our body program offers pure relaxation with comforting aromas, expert massage techniques, and targeted results. Treat yourself the heavenly Happy Hour Retreat Day Package or bring your best friend for the popular Massage For Two ...

Massage Therapies: 
101 Tui Na Fusion Massage (60 minutes) / (90 minutes) - S$90 / S$130: 
Tui Na is the oldest and the common form of Chinese acupressure massage. Literally translates as “press” and “rub”, it employs long, slow rhythmic strokes of Swedish massage and the oriental technique that stimulates and opens energy pathways for relieving stress and tight muscles. Tui Na is best used for relieving colds and headaches, insomnia, upset stomach, lower back pain and stiff neck & shoulder.
102 Swedish Massage (60 minutes) / (90 minutes) - S$90 / S$130: 
With oil to increase circulation, this massage uses a combination of touching, kneading, rubbing and tapping techniques to deliver many benefits such as relieve of pain, stimulate the circulation and eliminate toxins. *Winner of Women’s Weekly Best Swedish Massage Spa Award
103 Decleor Aromatherapy Massage (60 minutes) / (90 minutes) - S$135 / S$195: 
This therapeutic massage is enhanced by Decleor Paris 100% pure & natural essential oil. AROMESSENCE™ RELAX BALM is a unique aromatic treatment that offers your body a new way to enjoy both pleasure and performance. It envelops your body with deep soothing sensation that calm, relief tension and relax the mind. The CIRCULAROME STIMULATING BALM helps to activate the skin's micro-circulation and to stimulate energy exchanges within the skin. Your body once again feels light and revitalized. New!
104 Scen Tao Lava Hot Stone Massage (75 minutes) / (90 minutes) - S$160 / S$185: 
Scen Tao is a unique wellness treatment based on a holistic approach focuses on the relaxation of your body, mind and soul and the enhancement of the body’s energy flow. With heat-retaining lava stones, you will enjoy one of the best hot stone massages coupled with top quality ScenTao Ginseng massage oil from Germany. *Nominated SWW Best Energizing Massage Spa Award *
105 Balinese Massage (60 minutes) / (90 minutes) - S$90 / S$130: 
Traditional Balinese massage is a seamless blend of long sensual strokes combined with acupressure and skin rolling, where the skin is rolled between the thumb and forefinger to spark the nerve endings and stimulate the flow of blood and energy. This technique re-awakens the body and induces complete relaxation.
106 Slimming Massage with Decleor Natural BALM (30 minutes) / (60 minutes) - S$70 / S$130: 
This slimming massage is enhanced by Decleor 100% pure & natural BALM. With highly concentrated Essential Oils, BAUME SLIM EFFECT is specifically formulated to combat the appearance of orange - peel skin caused by water retention & helps to reduce the feeling of bloating. The SCULPT FIRMING BALM helps to combat sagging skin & restores its tone and elasticity. Skin feels supple, firm & smooth!
107 Pre-Natal / Post-Natal Massage (60 minutes) / (90 minutes) - S$160 / S$225: 
Massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health. Post Natal massage reduces water retention, tighten and tone overall muscle, relieves muscle pains and body aches and help to speed up recovery after childbirth and get back to pre-pregnancy condition.
108 Shiatsu - No Oil (60 minutes) / (90 minutes) - S$90 / S$130 : 
Shiatsu is a relaxing and healing form of Japanese massage that uses meridians to balance the body, mind and spirit. Massage techniques like tapping, squeezing, rubbing, and applied pressure are applied along the meridians to unblock energy blockages and reintroduce the optimal flow of Qi. Benefits include deep muscle and tissue relaxation, stress reduction and management, release of toxins from the body, increased flexibility and improved blood circulation.
109 Sport Massage 60 mins / 90 mins - $125 / $180: 
Sports massage emphasizes prevention and healing of injuries to the muscles and tendons.But you don't have to be in the Olympics to benefit from sports massage. Sports massage is also good for people with injuries, chronic pain or restricted range of motion. The massage therapist generally concentrates on a specific problem area such as sore neck, back, etc.
110 Manual Lymph Drainage Massage 60 mins / 90 mins - S$180 / S$240: 
MLD is a very gentle type of massage therapy used to drain excess fluid from the body and improve the overall functioning of the lymphatic (immune) system and improve overall health in today's stressful work environment. MLD involves small, repetitive, circular movements that affect many body systems in very positive ways. These positive effects include the nervous system, smooth muscles, excess fluid drainage and pain reduction.
Day Package - Discover the World of Natural Beauty: 
301 HAPPY HOUR RETREAT Day Package (2-hour session) - S$220: 
It’s time to treat yourself a heavenly 2-hour spa treatment with BABOR! This package includes a soothing rose petal milk bath, a body scrub or a body wrap and a 60-minute full body massage of your choice. * #1 most favorite treatment by our clients*
302 Massage for TWO (60 minutes) / (90 minutes) - S$165 / S$235: 
Two people, two therapists, two tables and one private room. Enjoy our couple room with a family member, a best friend or someone special to make this a fun & relaxing spa experience!
303 Traveler’s Delight Day Package (1 ½ hour session) - S$148: 
Enjoy this head-to-toe full body massage of your choice selected from our spa menu. This treatment is focused on rejuvenating tired muscles from traveling as well as a complete relaxation massage for your head and feet. It is a perfect treatment to help you to relax and regain sleep after a long flight and a tiring journey.
304 Traveler’s Complete Renewal Day Package from Babor (3 hour session) - S$320: 
This is a wonderful 3-hour Babor treatment if you can put aside some quality time for your mind, body and soul. This package includes a milk bath, a body scrub, a 60-minute full body massage of your choice and a final touch of a 1-hour Triple Moisture Hydration facial treatment. This is a perfect and complete treatment before or after a trip.
Membership Discounts: 
Enjoy excellent discount when you sign up for 10 sessions or more. We accept all credit cards (Visa/Master/AMEX/Diners Club) OPENING HOURS: MONDAY-FRIDAY 11 A.M. - 9 P.M, SAT/SUN/PUBLIC HOLIDAYS 10 A.M. - 8 P.M.
601 Ear Candling (30 minutes) - S$45: : 
Milk peptides intensively moistures and calms the skin. Kaolin calms and exfoliates superficial dead skin cells with zeolite flushes impurities out of the skin, leaving the skin feeling silky-soft and visibly clean. Lemon balm reduces stress, soothes irritations and has a calming effect.
501 Nano Volcanic Peeling - 30 mins / U.P.$58 minimum : 
Zeolite is a mineral extracted from volcanic rock founded in the Elfel region of Germany. It has high detoxifying properties on the skin and works like a gentle biocatalyst. It also neturalises harmful free radicals from the sun that leads to sun-induced aging.
502 Mud Salt with Milk Cleanser - 30 mins / U.P. $58 minimum: 
Remove dead skin cells by primeval mud salts from North Canada in intensive creamy consistency with moisturising property from Glycerin. Dirt and impurities accumulated in deep pores is bind by Morniga Olferlia tree extracts from Africa. Even irritated skin is soothed and calmed
503 Milky Fruit Scrub - 30 mins / U.P. $68 minimum: 
Regain smooth, fresh and youthful skin with the aid of natural power from 100% natural, freeze-dried and pulverized fruit mixture made from vitamins and antioxidant-rich red currants, gooseberries and apples (Preservative-free).
504 Milk Bath - 30 mins / U.P. $78 minimum: 
Milk peptides boost the skin's moisture levels and high quality plant oils treat the skin, leaving it soft and supple. Zeolite, a mineral extracted from volcanic rock flushes impurities out of the skin. This warm, soothing bath relaxes the skin, leaving a pleasant and delicate fragrance.
505 Algae Spirulina Bath - 30 mins / U.P. $68 minimum: 
Detox and revitalize the skin. The cooling, refreshing experience with algae spirulina from 1000-meter ocean firms the connective tissue and supplies moisture. Large-molecular proteins from algae has a smoothing effect on the skin and visibly reduces the signs of fatique.
506 Ocean Bath - 30 mins / U.P. $68 minimum: 
Stabilise the skin’s moisture level. Rich mineral salts obtained from primeval salt deposits in Canada at great depths promotes the skin's enzymatic and metabolic activities. Valuable minerals and trace elements like magnesium, potassium, and sulfate helps to eliminate metabolic wastes.
Each session include a body scrub of your choice.: 
507 Firming Algae Wrap - 60 mins / U.P. $138 minimum: 
Spray-dried blue-green algae spirulina contains highly concentrated marine ingredients such as minerals, trace elements, anti-oxidants, amino acids and vitamins. It supplies the skin with fresh moisture and boosts the skin's resistance, leaving the skin looking firmer and smoother. The resulting protection against free radicals delays the process of premature, light-induced aging.
508 Elfelfangoâ Detox - 60 mins/ U.P. $138 minimum: 
Velvety-soft Elfelfango clay from the volcanic Elfel region of Germany is finely grounded at 400 Celsius flushes out impurities and detoxes skin cells. Rich in minerals and trace elements and physiologically well tolerated to promote metabolic processes in skin cells.
509 Regenerating Cleopatra Milk Wrap with Rosemary - 60 mins/ U.P. $138 minimum: 
Milk peptides intensively moistures and calms the skin. Kaolin calms and exfoliates superficial dead skin cells with zeolite flushes impurities out of the skin, leaving the skin feeling silky-soft and visibly clean. Rosemary stimulates the circulation and has an invigorating aromatherapeutic effect.
510 Regenerating Cleopatra Milk Wrap with Lemon Balm - 60 mins / U.P. $138 minimum: 
Milk peptides intensively moistures and calms the skin. Kaolin calms and exfoliates superficial dead skin cells with zeolite flushes impurities out of the skin, leaving the skin feeling silky-soft and visibly clean. Lemon balm reduces stress, soothes irritations and has a calming effect.