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The skin is supplied with the most important basic active ingredients and has a well-cared-for appearance.
Uncomplicated skin is a gift from nature, but it also needs to be indulged. Car exhaust fumes, air-conditioned offices and changing weather conditions put it under strain. The 24-hour formula from BABOR BASIC CARE supplies the skin with the most important active ingredients around the clock.
Vita Balance Series
The dry times are over! A skincare range for dry skin.
Is your skin often dry, flaky, tight and unpleasant? The VITA BALANCE care system provides intensive moisture and makes the skin feel soft and supple. Unpleasant feelings of tightness are noticeably reduced. The skin looks bright and fresh.
Calming Sensitive Series
Relax. A skincare range for sensitive skin
Is your skin often irritated, sensitive, red and unpleasantly tight? The CALMING SENSITIVE care system calms and reinforces the skin. Redness and feelings of tightness are noticeably reduced and the skin reacts less sensitively.
Perfect Combination Series
A skincare range for Combination Skin
Everything in balance.A skincare range for combination and oily skin. Is your skin often pale? Does it feature dry patches, enlarged pores and unpleasant shine?
The PERFECT COMBINATION care system mattifies and balances the skin. It refines the pores, intensively moisturizes dry areas and regulates excess sebum production. The complexion appears fresher and more even.

Vita Balance Series
A skincare range for tired skin
Let your skin radiate shine. A skincare range for tired skin in need of regeneration.
Is your skin tired, strained and in need of new energy? The ADVANCED BIOGEN care system offers regeneration and revitalization. The skin's functions are activated and cell regeneration stimulated. The skin looks more youthful and appears rosy and fresh.